At Nimbark Jewellery, we understand that each person celebrates their traditions, rituals and milestones in their own unique way. Nimbark ’s master crafted jewellery is designed and made to adorn, showcase exquisite beauty and provide a time capsule of memories for generations to enjoy. We believe each jewellery piece should tell a story; your story.

Together with our partners in Surat India, we assist you in materializing dream heirloom pieces. We help you make your dream a reality by understanding your personal story, the occasion for which your jewellery piece represents and the level of opulence you desire.

Our partners in Surat, India are certified diamentaires who have access to some of the world’s best uncut diamonds. Together with a team of professional diamond cutters, polishers, jewellery artisans and goldsmiths, unique and exquisite jewelled pieces are created for a discerning clientele.

Our goldsmiths have access to state of the art casting and molding equipment. We are able to customize each piece from the beginning to end to ensure a one of a kind masterpiece.

All of our diamonds and gemstones are ethically and environmentally sourced. The process we use to create jewellery does not include any child labour.

Since we respond individually to our clients’ preferences, we do not keep any inventory or a store front, thereby keeping our costs minimal and passing more value on to our clients.

We invite you to contact us and for a detailed overview of the creating and designing process, along with a discussion of new possibilities for you to have a one of a kind master crafted jewellery piece.

  • Gold Wt. (14Kt.) - 69.450 Gms. Total Diamond Wt. - 16.29 Cts.