Why You Should Invest in Gold

Even though gold is down in today’s current market value, it is still the most popular investment among precious metals. Sure many might say that gold is a risky investment, that the price of gold keeps on fluctuating and the value of it is near unpredictable. That is because gold is not a short-term investment, it is a long term investment. This may sound obvious, but gold is becoming more scarce. Despite what experts say to not invest in gold, the return of it over time is rewarding. From 1970 to 2010, the price of gold rose from 37 USD/ozt to 1410 USD/ozt or otherwise a 3790% net change.

You better buy some gold before it becomes too expensive or too little of it left. World renowned investor Warren Buffet has claimed that the total amount of gold in the world that is above-ground, could fit into a cube with sides of just 20 meters (66 ft), most of which is contained in jewellery. To put it into a more visual example, the amount of above-ground gold in the world would be able to fill up an entire NFL football stadium to a depth of about five feet.

If there is one thing that you should get out of this article it is that:

a) gold will become rarer as time goes on

b)gold is a long term investment

c) gold will increase in value in the long term.

For those who are looking at investing in gold they should do it soon as gold is at a cheaper price. Right now the value of gold is down 23% in USD.